Re: Moog or Doepfer?

From rw
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 1970, 01:00

On 20 Mar 97 17:36:39 +0000, wrote...
>Would anyone here be in favour of the idea of an "analogue heaven FAQ"
>document ? I know for sure, the first question I'd put on it would be 
>to Moog.

Then you havent been around long enough. ;)  The new moog has gotten alot of 
repeat questions lately, but in the long life of AH it doesnt match up with 
such classic as:

1)can i use my 707 as a MIDI->Din sync converter?
2)why wont my ms20 play in tune with my 303?
3)is anyone selling a 303?
4)whats a 303?
5)mr808 made me cry

Seriously tho, a AH FAQ has been bandied about quite a number of times, but 
no one has ever done it.  I would welcome such a document and would gladly 
point all new subscribers to it.

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