Re: [AH] some help building a rack for doepfer

From Julian
Sent Wed, Jun 28th 2006, 05:30

> > The only other thing i wanted to check is doepfer appear to use the
> > same
> > 16 pin DIL socket for power connections as AS is that correct?  Its
> > obviously alot cheaper to solder my own sockets on a long stip of
> > project board like ive done with my AS instead of paying $50 for one
> > from doepfer etc

One thing that you should pay attention to is the amps and the capacity of
the stripboard.  I know on my own busses i had one issue with a strip
burning out.  I dont know if it had a flaw anyway though, possibly from
bending, but either way, it went.

Ive since re-enforced all the strips with tinned copper wire on the back as
well.  Probably easier to do this at the start though - i certainly would.