From Benjamin Ward
Sent Wed, Mar 11th 1998, 16:02

It's a bit like saying 'I might' when someone offers you a System 55 for
450 dollars - if you're in any doubt about whether to go to see the
Kraftwerk play, then you're probably on the wrong list (or planet, possibly
:-) Pawn your Grannie for tickets..

I saw them in London in 1981 and on their next (!) tour in 1991. The sets
were virtually identical; the only differences were that they played 'TDF'
and 'Musique Nonstop' (which were about the only new things they did in 10
years anyway). You won't believe you're *actually there!*

[scroll down if you want to know what they did last time round]

So, will you thrill to Ralf's out of tune singing? Will Florian and Ralf
still be using their white Synclavier 9600 keyboards? Will they still jam
'Pocket Calculator' down at the front of the stage with their Doepfer
hand-helds? Will they still show those 'Autobahn' movies? Will there be
neon signs? Will the robots play, er, 'The Robots'? Who will play
percussion? Maybe Lenny Castro and Luis Conte in suits this time? Who
knows, but I'll be expecting reviews! :-)

Have fun - I know I did :-)