re: [AH] - Technosaurus and other MODULE types

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00

Chris Whitten wrote:
>With something like a Moog system you are paying additionally for the
>collectability. Moog is without doubt the ultimate modular and fabulous
>sounding. But does it sound two or four times better than Doepfer/RS? I'm
>not sure.

I'm basing the following statements on the rumor that the Doepfer 
Curtis Oscillator and Filter chips. I just don't remember which modules 
use what chips; it's in the archives.

I can easily hear the difference between Moog Modular oscillators and 
Curtis oscillators (some friends arranged a three-way blind test once. 
Details are in the archives. And remember, go with what sounds good 
to You. This is only my opinion, and it's based upon what sounds good 
to Me.) I was easily able to pick out the two Moog oscillator designs 
from each other, and especially from the Curtis board. The Triangle 
wave simply wasn't a triangle. Upon hearing it, I thought something 
was very wrong with the unit, but it had been calibrated on  a scope. 

In this way, the Moog does indeed sound twice as good. Live with 
both a Minimoog and a Pro One for a while, and decide for 
yourself what sort of timbre you're after and invest accordingly. 

Curtis Filters: Some (3320) are evil. Others (3350) are cool when 
used with non-curtis oscillators (Chroma). Actually, the 3320 sounds 
good when paired with digital waveforms (Gleeman Pentaphonic). 
The Moog filers, even those in the Prodigy and Rogue, sound better 
than Curtis chips (IMO). In this case, four times as good. 




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