Re: [AH] vocoder comparison

From Michael Wagner
Sent Thu, May 11th 2006, 09:45

On 5/10/06, Malte Steiner <> wrote:
> > Not as flexible as the fully equiped A129, but worth to mention is the
> > vocoder in the Nord Modular. If you check for a used micro modular you
> > will get a damned good vocoder for less bucks than the Doepfer would
> > cost. (And a great polyphonic moular synth tooo).
> >
> I second Florian, the Nord Modular vocoder sounds great and is rather
> flexible, the bands can be reassigned. I have been told that the Nord
> Modular G2 didn't sound as good as the first one dispite the increased
> processing power but I cant confirm first hand. The G2 sound seems to be
> more precise but sterile.

One question concerning the vocoder of the Nord (Micro) Modular: Does
it work well with an internal carrier signal only or is it possible to
achieve good results with both, carrier and modulator, from external