Re: [AH] to rack or not to rack

From James Husted
Sent Thu, Apr 17th 2008, 21:51

That is very good advice.  I used to have all my stuff racked into 2  
medium tall racks on wheels. The ONLY reason to put stuff into big  
racks is that they become so Frackin' heavy that nobody can steal  
them easily! I recently got the bug to do live shows again after many  
years and re-racked all my stuff into small stackable road cases.  
Much easier to re-arrange when the notion strikes. Mixer/effects in  
one, rack synths in another, 3 Portable Doepfer cases, and some  
smaller carry-arounds. Although they all can't be carried with one  
hand - they can by one person.

On Apr 17, 2008, at 10:11 AM, Andrew Scheidler wrote:

> My rule is if you can't carry a cabinet with one hand it's too big.
> Drew
> On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 12:40 PM, royce <> wrote:
>> christ almighty no wonder people sell their gear and use vsts.
>>  and what's up with selling off all modular gear?
>>  is there any meaning to it all?
>>  thanks for the feedback everybody. that was fun.
>>  you have spared me weeks, if not months, of wasted time,  
>> attempting to
>> move stuff around while wasted.
>>  i did very much like the racks of gear in two rows, on casters. that
>> seems like a pretty reasonable compromise between desktop  
>> solutions (which
>> don't have enough space) and large but unfriendly racks. the only  
>> problem
>> was the price ($700) which was reasonable given the materials but  
>> would
>> result in instant divorce.
>>  perhaps i should consider making something like that. . . but  
>> these days
>> that time is better spent making music.
>>  sometimes i wonder about just getting a bunch of big tables, and  
>> piling
>> everything up in a gigantic pyramid.
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