[AH] re:SYSTEM 100M to be sold

From Fernando Zarone
Sent Sat, Jan 23rd 1999, 17:45

Thanks to all the friends who e-mailed  me about this system.
>At the moment, I am planning to sell the majority of modules of my System
>100M.Before definitely deciding to sell (I am waiting for the ...second and
>Moog 15 in some days), I'd be happy if some preferrably known AHers would
>buy either part or the whole of this system. I can't be bothered for
>problems of trust, discussions about price, etc.
>So, if any of my trustworthy friends is SERIOUSLY interested,  we can
>arrange a good deal and I can give my preference to the choice of a safe
>deal more than to an higher amount of $.
>This is just a previous inquiry. Hope this helps some AHers wanting a large
>system. It is not for getting ... the best offer
>Please, contact me privately,  just if seriously interested. No trades, I
>have no room anymore! :-)  and don't ask me please for single modules (I'll
>sell them separately only after giving away the largest part of the

According to your requests, a possible solution of splitting the system
could be the following:
1)  Cabinet 191 J (5 modules ): 112 (2 X VCOs), 121(2 X VCF) , 130 (2 X
VCA), 140 (2 X EG) , 150 (Ring mdul., S&H, double noise, LFO).
2)  Cabinet 190 (3 modules) : 172 (triple analogue effect - phaser, flanger
and gate delay) , 150 ((Ring mdul., S&H, double noise, LFO) and 112 (2 X
Together, as a whole system , these two cabinets configure a very powerful
modular synth (4 VCOs, 4 noise generators, analogue effects... lots of mod
I can arrange from my system two of these! I mean, two identical, complete
systems as above, with their two mono keyboards (4 octaves).
Moreover, together with them or separately, I 'll sell four modules with no
cabinet (but you can use them by means of a "Y" cable from the power supply
jack, behind the modules...) :
131 (output stereo mixer, reference oscillator, headphone amp) , one more
121 filter (2 X VCF), 132 (mixer / inverter) and 165 (dual portamento).
Let me know , considering that  I'll sell them not before receiving the Moog
15 I am waiting for (about ten days). Consider also the shipping expenses
from Italy. Everything is in excellent conditions. Better if without
keyboard (its weight could increase considerably the shipping costs... and
it is no more than an usual  CV/gate keyboard ).
All the best