Re: Sequencer for (Doepfer) modular

From [22Hz] Productions
Sent Fri, Sep 19th 1997, 09:15

On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, carty fox wrote:

> wire it permanantly).  all of this assumes you have no need for midi or
> midi sync.

	MIDI-less sequencing is the aim in the first place; a trigger in 
will do me just fine. =) 

> (the CLK. SEQUENCER when put through linear mixers).  but the MAQ is a
> horse of a different color, it's excellent midi implimentation with

	I know the specs on the MAQ; I was looking for an arp-sequencer 
equivalent, even as simple as a 16-step version of the sequencer module 
in the 2500. THe MAQ is overkill for me; thus my excitement at their 
release of a relatively simple analog sequencer, with a few bells and 
whistles that make it really useful. 

> 104 or the Arp (which dollar for dollar, is a fave).  might be easier than
> jury rigging the doepfer as a standalone.

	It all depends on the price of the new one.. I can just barely 
afford an arp, if I save up a while.. And the 104/182/SQ-10 are not 
terribly easy to find. But so be it. I'll have my lil' sequencer 
analog sequencer in a box someday. =)