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From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
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> >>We can use 3 space high 19" racks for example and make each of the 
> Ric:
> >Some people on here prefer the smaller front panel type of system, such as 
> >4"x4" or 6"x4" type of panels.  I've been there, and stopped.
> >I've gone to 1, 2 and 3 rack unit 19" panels for all of my stuff, and I 
> >haven't looked back since.
> I also strongly suggest a 19" 3U system, preferably a Europac-system. It's
> extremly versatile. You can do pretty much anything with that system. It
> basically consists of an empty 19" rack 3 or 6 U high divided into 84 wide
> spaces were one width unit (TE) equals to 1/5 to an inch (5.08 mm). There are
> alot of prefabricated panels, connectors, powersupplies etc around. The
> drawback is price and availability. In Europe the europac-systems are widely
> spread and used, but how about US and Australia? 

I am unshure of this 19" namings. I believe this is just the way, the
new doepfer Modular is done.
I did a long review of that last recently. 

If you like this size anyway, how about using their standart ?
I think their power supply bus is fine as well, easy and versatile.
15V for analog mudules and 5V for digital ones.
You also would get 2 advantages:

1) you had immediately find that company to supply our project commercially.

2) The technically not so much involved guys like me,
( I need extremely precise working instuctions ) could participate as well.
The original system is reasonably prices imho, so at least parts could
be easily bought there.
For you US analogue lovers, I would offer to a limited amount of AH
members, to even buy and ship it to for you.

Remark: Im am not connected in any way to doepfer except a phone number :-)

Why not buy the whole thing from them?
Their modules are still verry basic and we would go for something else.


> We need to agree on is supply voltage (that's easy) and CV levels / impedance
> and signal-levels / impedance. What about 1/4" versus 4mm (Sergetype)
> connectors?
> What we need to agree on also, in my opinion, is a backplane bus. A bus that
> interconnects the individual PCBs. Regardless if there are individual boxes
> for each module or a eurocard system with a common enclosure and different
> frontpanels I believe we should distribute a common bus to the modules
> containing at least +/- 15v, 5v and earth. I'm open to any type of physical
> busconnection. My currently planned/being built modules at home will support a
> bus that apart of the above contains:
> - key cv x 2
> - trig x 2 ch
> - modulation channels x 8
> - audio ch x 4
> Or we could skip the predetermination of what should be on each line and
> simply name them 1-16, if we have 16 buslines. Maybe thats more in the modular
> spirit.
The doepfer just used a bus containing one pair of CV/gate I think.
So you usually get one monophon module with each box.
Indeed a little limited, but why not?
the space is just enough you enough modules for ONE vco.
More voices would cost you simply another rack system with it's own
cv bus.


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