Re: [AH] Midi controller for Microwave I

From Aaron Gum
Sent Sun, Mar 20th 2005, 20:16

doepfer DREHBANK

--- David Vandenborn <> wrote:
> Which Hardware Midi controller would one suggest
> that can access all 
> parameters on a Microwave I? If this is possible at
> all (excluding 
> wavetable editing).
> I love the sound of the MW I but I just don't
> program enough on it 
> because it's got such a lousy user interface. And I
> don't like to 
> dedicate a computer with Sound Diver on it to
> program it. I want 
> instant gratification with knobs. I know about the
> Access Controller 
> but it doesn't got enough knobs and fuctions to
> access all parameters.
> David
> Akai VX600:

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