Re: [AH] Korg PS-3300 help?

From Ben Vehorn
Sent Fri, May 6th 2005, 18:00

Didn't know the Korg Yahoo group existed, I'm gonna have to join up!
Peter, I'm not sure what your 3300 problem is as the symptoms sound 
unique to any I've experienced on my 3100. But the single most common 
problem in the PS series is faulty edge connectors for the circuit 
boards. They tend to get brittle and crack over time... they then bow 
outwards in the middle, causing bad connections.
The symptoms you are experiencing don't sound at all like this is the 
culprit, but it's certainly worth checking! Remove the screws from the 
front panel, lean it forward face-down, and inspect the edge 
connectors. If you have any that appear to be brittle or cracked, order 
some replacements and bust out your soldering iron! You will eventually 
need to do this anyways, might as well be now...

On May 6, 2005, at 11:38 AM, Benjamin Ward wrote:

>> Can anyone offer suggestions to cure a bizarre fault on a PS-3300?
>> The instrument plays fine, and sounds wonderful..... for about ten =
>> minutes.  Then, if a three or four note chord is played, it goes =
>> berserk.  Lots of notes trigger at random. A great abstract 
>> sound....... =
>> but...!
>> Switching the machine off then on after 10 - 30 secs brings the power 
>> =
>> light on, but no sound and NO LEDs flashing.
>> Switching it off and on again after that usually gets it working =
>> properly again....... but only for 5-10 minutes before the next crash.
>> The 60-way keyboard lead contacts have been cleaned; no improvement.
>> Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.
>> Peter
> Peter,
> Have you tried asking the good folks of korgkornucopia my little Yahoo 
> Group (
> Regards,
> Ben