Re: Coldcut Equipment List

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Sat, Nov 22nd 1997, 11:07

>A while back someone on the AH list had posted Coldcut's equipment list. Can
>someone email that to me again? Thanks.

Korg PS-3300 x 3
Korg MS-10
Cheetah MS6
Moog Rogue
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Roland MC-202
Roland MKS-50
Roland PG-300
Roland JD-800
Roland JX-3P
Roland JX-8P
Roland TB-303
Waldorf Microwave/Access Programmer
Yahama PSS780 keyboard
Akai S3000
Emu Morpheus
Peavey PC1600
(Korg Wavestation - not theirs)

Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Roland TR-707
Roland R8

Behringer Composer
Boss SE-50
Eventide H3000
Drawmer LX20 compressor
Ibanez AD230 analogue delay
Korg Stage Echo
Maxim Dual Delay
TC Electronics 1128 graphic eq
TC Electronics Finaliser
Yahama SPX90 Mk 2

Alesis ADAT
Allen & Heath Sabre Plus 24 ch.
Denon tape deck
Fostex D5 DAT
Opcode Studio 4
Spirit Folio 4 mixer
Sony DTC1000ES DAT

Apple Mac running StudioVision Pro
Notronic Notron ("totally wicked; serial number 1")
Roland Octapad 2
Technics 1210's
Vestax PMC17 dj mixer
Vestax PMC40 dj mixer

Sorry to post this, but I lost Michael's email address.