[AH] RE: Analogue Haven

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Thu, Mar 30th 2006, 17:57

thanks for the info...i've seen the prices quoted on Doepfers' site, and 
Analogue Havens' prices are higher...is that because of shipping charges 
and such? and can one even order direct from Doepfer? not trying to dis 
on AH, just figuring out options...i'm new to assembling a system, i 
imagine i may end up getting some used mods as well once i get going...i 
bought my A100  from a place in Oklahoma some years ago, name 
escapes...are there any other Doepfer dealers?( i'm in chicago are 
btw...if that means anything)

for fun and for info, what mods do youse rec  to compliment the Basic? 
besides the input mod and  BBD and PLL (not ppl, oops), i'm thinking  
more vc like  a better eg of some sort, a vc lfo... maybe a filter 
variety as well (other Doepfer compatable brands as well)...

one more thing...i saw Analogue Haven had an Arp sequencer for about 
$800, would that be more/less flexable/bang for buck than 2x Doepfer 
sequencers plus sequencer control mod? i was thinking of building 
something in Reacktor 5 and using the behringer BCR2000 a thru my Roland 
MPU 101 midi>cv as a subtitute, but i'm finding i don't like working so 
much in the virtual world, and the decision to expand my system rather 
than get a G2 stems from that as well....but that's another post for 
another time...

thanks for past and future info .....