Re: [AH] FW: Best machine for live sequencing

From Drew Smith
Sent Fri, Feb 11th 2000, 00:45

	Hey Bryan,

	IM(NS)HO, there's only one thing better than an MMT-8.

	Two of them.  Or three.  8 tracks each, but they stack soooo nicely.
>:)  Run three of them, angled appropriately, across the top rail of an A-frame rack.  

	Of course, you could also get a wicked Doepfer MAQ-16/3 or a Notron -
but I figure a couple' grand vs. a couple' hundred bucks - can you
really go wrong?  IIRC, Orbital used to use three of them (may be off
here - a friend says three, but an old gearlisting I read had two
MMT-8's and an HR-16 - they look the same), until they recently moved to
a Notron.
If you're not averse to spending a few grand, forget about anything but
the Notron.

	Of course, if you go the MMT-8 path, you've first gotta *find* a couple
of them.  I wouldn't sell mine for the world, but Daddy's Junky Music
( usually has a few in stock for about $100USD

	- Drew.


Sander Meyer wrote:
> Maybe a Yamaha RM1x or the new MAM SQ16 sequencer.
> Sander Meyer
> Bryan Rodgers wrote:
> > ...err, having a bit of problems trying to get this on DH and AHOT, it's
> > just not going...or is it?! it's not showing up on my side?!... now
> > I'm sending it here even though I know it's not OT...sorry.
> >
> > ...please send your responces back directly to me or any of the other two
> > lists...
> >
> > anyway, read on...
> >
> > ...okay, I've been thinking about this for months and I just can't find what
> > I need...
> >
> > I want a hardware sequencer for studio/live use, but mostly live. I can use
> > VST at home and dump'em to the sequencer later, like I do currently with the
> > MC303.
> >
> > I've been thinking of the MPC2000XL, mostly cause it's got 64 tracks, which
> > I could use. The MMT8 seems a little limited with only 8 tracks. Then
> > there's the Kawai Q80 with it's tiny screen... ...I'm at a loss.
> >
> > Throw me your thoughts and/or suggestions. Let me know what's worked for you
> > on stage... ...I know I could live with any of the above, but I don't want
> > to be fumbling around in the dark, and I'm a little hesitant on spending
> > $1800 on an MPC and have it not suite my needs...
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > B
> >
> > p.s. just to keep it a little OT, I'm sampling my Poly6 for live use, since
> > she's got no m*d*  ;)
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