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From Kenneth Balys
Sent Fri, Feb 7th 2014, 17:14

Roland quote:
"With roots in the very origins of electronic music, Aira....."


Such total bullshit arrogance. Roland did not exist when electronic 
music sprang its roots.

This kind of hype marketing sickens me.

I have never seen such hot air from a music company before.

Compare this to Moog's new Sub 37; a synth that really closes the loop 
with the first MiniMoog and can absolutely claim "the origins of 
electronic music". But no pompous hype, we have Amos modestly 
demonstrating it again and again to anyone and everyone at NAMM. Selling 
it to one customer at a time.

Doepfer worked directly with Oskar Sala himself. Do you see Doepfer 
coming off like this? I mean really; the Trautonium, the Ondes Martenot? 
Musique Concrete? Dadaism? Dr. Theremin? That crazy guy in N.Y.C. in 1896?


Grrrrr.... rawr! Grumble grumble rabble.....