Re: [AH] Problem with Moog Prodigy CV

From Florian Anwander
Sent Sat, Apr 26th 2008, 15:13

Hi Stefan

> I had my ol' Prodigy serviced. The technician did an excellent job, all
> potis working without crackles again, everything clean, stable and tuned,
> and while he was at it mounted additional jacks for audio in, gate and cv.
> I bought a Doepfer MCV4 Midi-CV-Interface then, but - while gate works -
> pitch control via CV doesn't.
> I brought the Prodigy again to the technician and there CV worked when
> connected to a Doepfer MCV1 and the CV outs of a Waldorf Pulse+, but not
> with the MCV 4.
> Next I sent the interface back to Doepfer and they say that it works with
> several synths they had around.
> Does someone have an idea what else I could try or a hint if another
> electrical modification can be made in one of the 2 components ?

Did the tech do the CV in as described in the prodigy service manual?

I modified my Prodigy according to the original Moog instructions. It 
works like charme with the MCV4.