Re: [AH] CV/audio mixer for modular idea

From John Papiewski
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

Hi All,

Yes, I have a 'Dual Processor' that's two  3 input DC mixers with offset, and
it gets used a lot.
What I hanker for, though, (and what Buchla had) is in addition to the manual
mixer, a DC coupled linear-response VCA.
Serge has the 'Active Processor' as a separate module, and Buchla had it all
together in one module I think, but can't remember the name.

Yes, DC mixing/multiplication is a very good thing.

> > From: John Blacet <>
> > Serge seems to have the most amazing variety of these modules, while
> > Doepfer has very little....
> >
> > The mixer has two sections. The top section is 3 in, 1 out with +/-
> > control of each input (center off), so that the level and polarity (or
> > phase in the case of audio signals) can be controlled. A variable +/-5V
> > bias control is also present to add to the mix.