Jupiter 6 for trade for.......

From fEEd
Sent Sun, May 7th 1995, 18:47

....many number of things.  After making a tour of various Minneapolis 
studios lats night, I decided there were a few things I would find more 
useful than my beloved jupiter 6.  I don't usually post big long lists of 
synths that I want (it seems like such a dealer thing to do or something),
but anyway the long list is:

-Any oberheim SEM based box, from an 8 voice down to a single SEM.  A four 
voice would do nicely thank you. ;>

-An oberheim obx

-Roland sh7

-Roland sh5

-Roland svc-350 vocoder

-Korg vc10 vocoder

-Roland system 100m

-SCI Prophet 5

-Either ARP analog seqeuncer.

Or anything else you have that may be interesting and you would want to 
work out a deal for a MINT jp6 with.  I am also open to selling the jp6 to 
get one of the above mentioned boxes, so if you want cash for them you can 
have it.  The trade could be +$ either way, so don't be shy!  Offer up for 
this grand jp6 that is just waiting for the Europa MIDI upgrade that is soon 
to be released.


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   "The patch in fig. 2-23 gives the sound of a cracking whip.  (Why 
    don't you try to synthesize some screams to go along with it?)"

                                 - Roland Model 104 Sequencer Manual