Re: [AH] doepfer BBD

From Plan B (Peter Grenader)
Sent Sun, Aug 20th 2006, 15:56

The D delay is great...but it's got it's own personality.I have a 1024.
highly controllable, with a 'what goes up, may go sideways' feeling to it.
it's not a textbook unit, but great for effects where interesting doesn't
necessarily have to mean pretty.  A touch noisy, a bit of VCO bleed in the
lower registers, but again, that's part of it's personality.  I really
really like it.

If you've got the credits, then I also recommend their A-137 Wave
Mutliplier. Awesome unit.

- P

  Ross Goniakowski wrote:

> i have an A100 Basic system and $400 credit at Analogue haven, looking to
> expand...i'm interested in (amongst others) the BBD any of youse have
> one? i'd like to hear some samples(hint hint) , the ones at Doepfers site
> suffer from mp3syndrom (not too clear), i'd like to hear how well they work as
> a typical analog delay, they seem to feature the flange/pluck sound in
> demos...i know the bandwiths goes down as the dealy time increases, but is it
> similar to an old analog pedal (i have a Ross, no relation) or the
> Moogerfooger stuff? also: does the useable delay time/bandwith increase with
> the 2048 vs. the 1024 unit? overall impressions? BBQ recipes?
> thanks,
> rg