Re: [AH] How do I overdrive Doepfer filter and VCA?

From Zoran Bosnjak
Sent Tue, Nov 11th 2003, 17:14

Thanks for the reply. I tried this last night, and there is a difference. I 
just have to add that overdriving Doepfer A-102 filter/VCA is not as musical 
as overdriving ARP 2600 VCA. Since my original intention was to make Doepfer 
sound super hard and filthy, this did not do it for me. However, I patched 
one VCO to one of A-102 filter CVs, to get some FM going on at the same 
time. This changed one pleasant sounding, but clean and polite filter into 
something much more to my liking - a new realm of sounds opened, and 
combinations of filter cutof, resonance, audio input amount, and amount of 
FM made an array of endless combinations. Than these exciting new timbres 
had to be warmed up a bit, but that's what MS20 is for.



>From: Matthew Ritenburg <>
>Subject: Re: [AH] How do I overdrive Doepfer filter and VCA?
>Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 11:07:55 -0800 (PST)
> > But how do you actually acomplish this on Doepfer
>A-> 100 (or any
>Quite easily.  Just turn the input past 7 on all
>stages.  I do not know if this is by design, however,
>it does work.  I'm sure Kevin Lamb can explain why.

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