Re: [AH] Using delays.flangers in modular synthesis

From royce
Sent Wed, Jan 23rd 2008, 06:12

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i'll check out the suggestions.
i ran the signal from a doepfer sem clone (bandpass output) into the ibanez delay/flanger, and then into the system 100. that was much more interesting than sending the raw osc outputs into the flanger.
with this setup, two sounds were possible.
the first was vaguely trombone/trumpet like. somewhat like the example on the modcan webpage, but degraded. the second was possible with a 90ms delay was a pitchbend effect sort of like the korg prophecies modelling of pitchbend, when playing gracenotes or 16th note runs.
now my experiments may be non-generalizeable due to the fact that i am using a presonus bluetube crammed into the modcan rack as an attenuator/preamp. in other applications the bluetube sounds questionable.

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