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>> > From: (AKreizel)
>> > Subject: WHAT SYTHESIZER TO GET????????????????
>> > I am going to buy a new synthesizer (not from you guys...but from a store)
>> > and i wanted to know what synthesizer I should get.  I want to make
>> > industrial, hardkore-techno, techno, jungle, trip-hop, ambient, and some
>> > "normal" music.

This is a question that seems to come up quite often.  Attached is what I
believe to be the final word on the subject:

>>Subject: Re: What's your techno rig consist of?
>>Date: 28 Sep 1994 01:32:26 GMT
>>Organization: Tigerden (Dayton, Ohio)

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>Steven Kosloske  <> wrote:
>>I'm looking for stories/opinions/lists of equipment people use/want/feel is
>>necessary for making decent techno at home.  I'm not interested in really
>>refined professional quality stuff, just a list of what types of gear is
>>the most useful.  For instance, I know that a decent sampler is required,
>>as well as a cool analog synth.  I'd appreicate anything you could tell me.
>Actually, it's been a running set of misconceptions on the net by a _lot_
>of people that you have to have this sort or that sort of a device to
>make certain types of music. The worst example is the "you have to have
>a 303 to get acid bass"'s not true, folks; anyone with a decent
>synth and some programming chops can get a good hardcore bass sound out of
>most _any_ good-quality equipment. Some pieces of gear _do_ lend themselves
>to good techno styles more than others, however, with the best examples
>of these being the older Roland analog TR-series drum machines (the TR-606,
>TR-808, and TR-909 in particular)...but this is due to certain sonic or
>operational quirks which lend themselves to fitting into the idea of a
>certain "sound" more than other contemporary or current devices. On the other
>hand, a lot can be done with _unconventional_ equipment to vary the sounds
>of a particular genre...Aphex's work with the Korg MS-20 as a sound
>_processing_ device is one such example, as is Mu-ziq's odd equipment
>        Below is a (longish) list of what's in use here at The Aerodyne
>Works, my studio in Champaign, IL. While this studio's main thrust is
>for sound design for software, it is also very well-suited to recording
>and composing ambient music due to the large number and varied range of
>processing gear. Most people in ambient work agree that processing power
>is the key to turning out good, complex, and deep ambient sound; reverb,
>echo, phasing, and all sorts of other tricks make up the standard arsenal
>for ambient work...
>This list is up-to-date as of 19 September 1994.
>        Sequential Circuits Pro-One
>        Yamaha DX27
>        Roland Jupiter-6
>        New England Digital Synclavier II (16 voices, mono output, running
>                system revision "I")
>        Steiner-Parker Synthacon
>        Casio CZ-101
>        Korg MS-20
>        Kawai K5m
>        E-Mu Proteus 1
>        Korg EX-800
>        Crumar Performer
>        Yamaha CS-80
>        Roland MC-202
>Drum Machines:
>        Roland TR-606 (x2)
>        Boss DR-220A
>        Seeburg Select-a-rhythm
>Other sound generation equipment:
>        Maestro Theremin
>        Hewlett-Packard 200CD Wide Range Oscillators (x7)
>        Hewlett-Packard 202C Low Frequency Oscillator
>        Hewlett-Packard 200CDR Rackmount Wide Range Oscillators (x2)
>        General Radio 1395A Modular Pulse Generator (with 1 PRF pulse
>                frequency reference module, 4 Pulse Delay Units, 2 Pulse
>                Shapers, 7 Word Generators, plus spares)
>        Wavetek Model 142 HF VCG Generator
>        Collins R-390A shortwave receiver
>        Hewlett-Packard 312A Selective Voltmeter/Receiver
>Filters and Equalizers:
>        Krohn-hite 330M tubetype bandpass (x2)
>        SKL 302 tubetype filter set
>        SKL 308A tubetype filter set
>        Universal Audio 550A passive filter set
>        Rohde & Schwarz Type UBM Tunable Indicating Amplifiers (x3)
>        Bruel & Kjaer Band Pass Filter Type 1617
>        Bruel & Kjaer AF Spectrometer Type 2112
>        Hewlett-Packard 334A Distortion Analyzer
>        Altec 9860A 1/3-octave cut-only EQ (x3)
>        Furman PQ-6 two-channel parametric EQ
>        Urei 527A 1/3-octave graphic EQ (x2)
>        General Radio 1564A Sound and Vibration Analyzer
>Dynamic Processors:
>        Symetrix 525 gated stereo comp/limiter
>        Symetrix SG-200 dual gate
>        Allison Research RM-160 rack with 2 Kepex expander/gates
>Delays and Reverbs:
>        Digitech RDS3.6 digital delay
>        Alesis Microverb II digital reverb
>        Ibanez DD700 digital delay
>        Fairchild Model 659 Reverbertron II spring reverb
>        Biamp MR/140 spring reverb
>        Multivox MXD-5 analog delay/reverb
>        DOD R-870 analog stereo chorus/flanger
>Other Effects Processors:
>        Yamaha SPX90II
>        Aphex Type C aural exciter
>        Ibanez HD1500 pitchshifter/digital delay
>        ProCo RAT R2DU rackmount dual distortion unit
>Noise Reduction Units:
>        Burwen Research DNF1201A Dynamic Noise Filter
>        Burwen Research TNE7000A Transient Noise Eliminator
>Preamplifiers, Amplifiers, Mixer, Monitors:
>        Ashly SC-40 Input Preamplifier
>        Princeton Applied Research CR-4 low-noise amplifier
>        Sony STR-D390 100w/ch receiver
>        Mackie 1202 mixer
>        Lantana TAD mixdown monitors
>Recording Equipment:
>        Tascam 80-8 1/2" 8-track
>        Sony PCM-501ES PCM F1 converter (used with a Sharp VCR)
>        JVC KD-W5 dual-transport cassette deck
>Computer-related Equipment:
>        Apple Macintosh IIcx (running Master Tracks Pro 5 and Finale, with
>                19" monochrome monitor, 60 MB HD)
>        Opcode Studio Plus Two MIDI Interface
>        AT&T 515 UPS
>        Hayes Smartmodem 9600
>        Datadesk and Kensington control peripherals
>Support Equipment:
>        Custom Ultimate A-frame stand
>        Ultimate Studio Organizer
>        Raxxess 18-space sloped rolling racks (x4)
>        Raxxess 12-space racks (x4)
>        Bruel & Kjaer 2607 Recording Amplifier/dB/Loudness Meter
>        Bruel & Kjaer 2416 VTVM
>        Hewlett-Packard 400D VTVM
>        Dax 2709A RTA
>        Hewlett-Packard 1200A dual-trace oscilloscope
>        Eldorado 100MHz counter/timer
>        Furman PL-8 power conditioners (x4)
>        SKB 10-space rack case
>It should be noted, btw, that this studio is only about 50-60% complete
>at the present time.
>        Now, as far as live performance work goes, I use perhaps 1/4 to
>1/3rd of this equipment. The live rig for ambient performances that I do
>consists of the following:
>        Roland JP-6
>        Korg MS-20
>        Steiner-Parker Synthacon
>        SCI Pro-One
>        Roland TR-606
>        Boss DR-220A
>        Seeburg Select-a-rhythm
>        Mackie 1202
>        Yamaha SPX90II
>        Digitech RDS3.6
>        Ibanez DD700
>        DOD R-870
>        Multivox MXD-5
>        Biamp MR/140
>        Aphex Type C
>        Furman PB-40
>        Furman PL-8
>        Hewlett-Packard 312A
>        Bruel & Kjaer 2112
>        Rohde & Schwarz UBM
>        Hewlett-Packard 200CD (x3)
>        Hewlett-Packard 202C
>        Maestro Theremin
>        SKB 10-space rackcase
>        a CD player and cassette deck
>This allows me to _reasonably_ emulate the sorts of processes that go on
>in the Aerodyne Works in a live situation, and still cart the whole mess
>around in a small Toyota hatchback.
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I guess what I do isn't Techno, because I don't have the right kind of modem....


"This filter makes a variety of sounds I haven't heard before anywhere.
The sound is like a piece of chalk being shot out of a tight chalkboard
pipe. metallic yet with a smooth whistle.  The cv is intense and the
controls unorthodox. in other words "it kicks ASSSS"!!!" - Saint 303