[AH] Technosaurus Selector Modular

From Chris Whitten
Sent Thu, Jan 7th 1999, 00:02

You say two things that give you away.

"Technosaurus have asked me to help them out in North America, so here I

Well it's not suprising that you are raving about it. Also that you claim=

it's higher price over Doepfer and RS is warranted.

"{My guess is that the average retailer won't have much interest stocking=

up on
Selector Modulars, so I will deal directly with the end users who wish to=

purchase a system,"

Anytime I have seen a Selector it has been a very sluggish seller. No
wonder dealers are wary.

My personal opinion is that the Selector is very expensive and not hugely=

better than either Doepfer or RS.
How much is a system with only 9 modules including ONE vco?
I'm not knocking the right of the Technosaurus to exist, I'm just trying =
inject a bit of debate into your sales pitch.
CW =