Re: System 700 / 100M

From fleep
Sent Tue, Mar 21st 1995, 18:17

At 11:01 20/3/95, Haible_Juergen#Tel2743
>I have the System 700 schematics at home (thanks, M. !), and
>I found this is quite basic stuff, with the ultra-expensive uA726
>exponential converters in the VCO's, however (like in other
>Roland synths of that area). The filter seems to be a common
>State Variable one. The VCA's are nice, with OTA and discrete
>transistor buffers.

yuuuuummm..... schematics!

juergen... i am in the process of compiling a book of schematics and any
info you can throw at me would be good.  romeo fahl is sending em some
stuff and i have received one lot already but had to send them back as the
photcopies were less than average!

if you can help out that would be cool!


Phillip Mills