Re: A100 Prices

From Nicholas D. Kent
Sent Sun, Nov 16th 1997, 19:00

Yeah. What's the deal with authorized Doepfer distributer prices. 

from the Doepfer U.S. page. *note the date* They seem to have changed
prices much higher sometime late september (?). Interestingly Doepfer
Germany was sort of closed down all august for holiday.


U.S. Price list

                           ( valid from 08/25/97)

All prices without shipment

A-100BS1 Basissystem 1 115V 1650,00
A-100BS2 Basissystem 2 115V 1760,00


other prices on modules changed. some modules like the Hi End Osc have
stayed the same price

At the time I noticed they moved the english language module
descriptions to Germany so I (wrongly) thought maybe they transfered the
A-100 distribution direct to Doepfer Germany. I wrongly guessed that
they were clearing inventory. So I wrote  asking
if this was a limited time price. answer was: (dated August 29, 1997)

> The A-100 systems are in stock. The pricing is valid till the end of the
> year. Shipping is $15 by UPS.

shame I didn't ask them about module prices since I would have liked
some at better prices ($90 CEM based Hi Pass, $95 VC ADSR -- then),
maybe I could have held him to it.

Now it seems the new U.K. distributer has the low prices. (lucky
people), where they had really high prices before, higher than Doepfer

I was wise enough to buy the system 1 for $1650 back in late August.
Very happy at that price. So, yes they did sell them (and I guess they
are now in the U.K.)

Definitely has some features missing so the modules boil down to missing
features vs. good price


since I haven't commented, here are some observations, most of which I
have not read on AH

basic modules are very shallow taking up only a tiny fraction of the
depth of the case (so I guess I'm saying it's several times deeper than
needed by the basic modules, good for cooling and sticking your hand
into I guess I guess). an illustration of the High End osc I've seen is
far deeper.

knobs are so close that my thumb will hit another knob as I turn it

wonderfully compact, it's worth it to use mini jacks. Materials are
nice, some painted type screening isn't perfect. Slight changes in
aluminum color between modules. Silly magic marker dots to identify
linear from exponential components. None of these problems are
bothersome at all though. As a whole nice looking and functional.

A-110 (regular) VCO
stability is not a problem. tune knob is a little touchy, but usable
8 octave range switch (fron panel screening says only 5). makes wrong
octave sounds between detents.

sine wave is a little dirty (sine on LFO is fine though). I can see on
an editor and hear a touch of other harmonics

hi end VCO has fine tune, linear FM and soft and (different) hard sync
options. (hard on regular osc out going edge, hard on hi end is both
edges). don't have one, but something I'd want.

A118 Noise Random Volt
very nice. has white noise out and a non voltage controlled mix of blue
and red noise. then a rate and level noise derrived voltage out

A-120 VCF1
the "Moog-like" description won't fool anyone who knows the Moog, but
quite usable. no voltage control of resonance

A-121 multimode filter
12db, outs for each mode, vc resonant, no complaints at all

A 140 ADSR
yes it's fast, but has a Hi Lo Med range switch (in that order) makes it
less intuitive, but I guess better resolution. nothing exceptional but

A-145 LFO
no voltage control, need I say more

A-170 Dual Slew limiter
only the upper one is reccomended in the manual for pitch because of a
half volt offset on the more complex lower one. I guess they want you to
buy the VC slew limiter (single slew limiter on that module)

A-180 Multiples
A single 8 multiple, not usable in a small system. Easy to desolder into
two 4 multiples. Should have shipped that way.

nicholas kent