Moog Constellation / Numan Polymoog / Vangelis GS-1

From Roger Pellegrini
Sent Fri, Oct 24th 1997, 22:05

Recently traded e-mails with Chris Newman (imr @ who works
with Keith Emerson in the UK, and had sold off a lot of Emerson's cast-off
equipment.  Over two years ago I tried to buy Emerson's Moog Constellation
prototype synth from Chris, but Keith decided to keep it.  Well, I guess I
would have just been overpaying for a glorified Multimoog, anyway.  They
are in fact STILL working at fixing it!  According to Chris, it's been
brought to the US.

Chris has both John Lennon's Hammond C3 and Gary Numan's old Polymoog still
for sale.  Also, Vangelis' Yamaha GS-1 (DX-7 prototype) as used on Chariots
of Fire and Bladerunner (to continue a recent AH thread).

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Subject:  Re: Moog Constellation

Evidently, he will be holding another rock & pop auction in the new year ,
a few items of which I've listed below.


PLEASE DON'T EMAIL ME - CONTACT Chris Newman at imr @


>* HAMMOND *    C3 dual manual organ + leslie - ex "John Lennon" & "Ringo
Includes history & letter of authentication .Exc. condition full
accessories included . Pic available . Very serious offers !! .
>Emu systems    emulator mk 1 w/ rare analogue interface & library
>Linn           Linndrum ver 3.1 with midi
>Linn           Linndrum ver 3.1 non midi
>Moog           Polymoog keyboard ex "gary numan" - needs servicing
>Mxr            original 70's mains stereo chorus pedal
>Oberheim       Obxa with 120 progs & kenton electronics midi retrofit
>Roland         A80 mother keyboard - owned by "keith emerson"
>Roland         System 100m rare , large 4 rack system includes sequencer
etc .
>Roland         Mc4b - c.v & gate sequencer
>roland         Jb1 - jp8 interface
>RMI            Computer Keyboard - as used by Jean Michel Jarre , 110v
>Roland         Pg200 - programmer for jx3p / mks70 /gr700
>Yamaha         Cs60 analogue poly synth
>Yamaha         Gs1 - rare synth - This actual synth was used by "vangelis"
>chariots of fire & "bladerunner" .Dire straits & many
>more famous artists