[AH] re: Roland System 100m

From rolandman1
Sent Wed, Oct 21st 1998, 14:22

Howdy, list... 

Sylvian just contacted me to let me know that he spotted the System 100m
locally and not on AH.  Apologies if I jumped to that conclusion.  The only
(still valid) point I was trying to make once again (as I've said it before)
was that several dealers are on this list and that every time someone posts a
great deal directly to the list, they are usually unintentionally informing
dealers about that piece.  What starts out as a good deal, if a dealer buys
it, will undoubtedly become a not-so-good deal once the dealer increases his
price.  I did not mean to embarrass Emmanuel and, once again, have no problem
with Sylvian either.  I just feel that it's better to tell your friends about
a bargain privately than to announce it in public.  
Sylvian also just informed me that he paid $800US for the 2 100m racks.  Ugh!
Oh well, back to looking for an affordable 100m...... 

Happy Twiddling!