Re: [AH] Best Modular Company?

From Legion
Sent Mon, Mar 27th 2000, 19:52

> this is true. you better know what you want, and where you want it, before you make
> that leap....i could easily see how others could find this to be a serious drawback,
> i suppose, but not a "fault".

I don't see it as a fault either, it's just one issue among many.

> so doepfer, AS, etc, are "beginner's synths"??!! i don't really think any modular,
> moog, serge, or otherwise, are necessarily "beginner's synths".  i think you're
> equating the novice with the pauper here....

Not at all that's far from my point so I'll try again...

The question initially was someone who wanted a modular. Given they are getting a modular I'm
assuming they know something more than if they were getting an SH101 or pro one (Certainly a
more "beginner" synth that any modular. Assuming they want something more flexible and patchable
i would not start a beginning Modular owner with the zenith of modulars anymore than I'd suggest
a beginning synth player go out and buy a MM+ or Waldorf Q.

Doepfer, AS, etc. are much simpler in scope, easier to put together and understand, and easier
to buy (both in wait and in price). They are also more flexible in their system design (you can
buy some now, use what you have and build later at a price of the modules only as long as you
have enough space and power.  I bought a custom set of Doepfer modules and placed a second order
months later after i knew a little more about what I liked and what i was doing. if I had filled
out the entire case all at once I think I would not have gotten as much out of it as once I
started playing and patching I realized some things i thought i would like were not as
interesting as other things that presented themselves. I built according to my learning curve
and my wallet didn't even feel the dent. That's all good for a newbie with 10+ years experience
IMO :)

> thats bad.  what needed to be done? and i'm surprised rex built anything with blank panel
> space.

Re the actual issues I'll let the owners speak up if they wish. The blank panel thing is
actually a kind of good idea in my book if you HAVE to have panels at all. It's just even more
expensive to go back and fill something out down the road that way but at least you have the
ability to think a little longer and use what you initially wanted.

> didn't you sell your Fenix too?

NO! You have obviously got me confused with someone else. My Fenix proudly sits in my studio and
I still am in communication with Marc and the gang throughout the year.

>  serge has a reputation as the ferrari of the modular scene.  with that kind of status and
> price, you get high
> repair costs, and the attendant high resale value.

I agree.

> i don't think i've ever had the kind of excitement about my equitment as i
> have regarding my modular serge. the planning, talking to rex, laying out
> the bread, planning patches for gear-to-be-built, the wait, the pickup, the
> integration into the studio, the patching, THE SOUNDS....

Heh. Years ago I got some flack for posting that i personally don't see the reason why anyone
HAS to have a modular. I still feel that way. they are LUXURY items IMO and as such not for
everyone even if you do have the money. I fully understand wanted a Luxurious luxury item like a
Serge. My point is not all decisions (even for luxury Items) need not me made on cost alone. I
could afford a Serge panel or two if I wanted to, I just kind of prefer to mess with the other
stuff I have much of which is made up of other company's modular items. I always believe it's
better to start small and build up the the big boys but then again given the choice I'd probably
have a wall of MOTM modules over a Classic Moog modular if the prices were all equal.

> did i mention that when people come into the studio, its the first thing
> they see? : )
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