[AH] fs: an1x, eurorack modules

From implode7
Sent Thu, Jan 17th 2008, 17:09

Yamaha an1x - this was described to me a few weeks ago as virtually
untouched, and indeed, that's what it looks like. It looks new. It also has
the last firmware, 1.04.  I paid a premium for it, and so the price is a
little above the the going rate. Hopefully someone will want one in pristine
condition. I'd like to get $375 shipped (I paid $450 a few weeks ago).

I have the following modules for sale:
Doepfer A149-1 and A149-2 - Quantized Stored Random Voltages and Dig. Rnd.
Voltage. I'd like to keep these together. Sells for $220. I'll sell for $160

A-131 voltage controlled envelope generator - $75 shipped.

The Harvestman - Malgorithm. Now, this is functionally the same as the
production version, but this is actually a prototype. It looks a bit
different - not quite as fancy (but still nice). $200 shipped.