Doepfer A-100 Modular

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 1970, 01:00

> 	I need to thank Stefan Gruhl for sending me the info on the 
> Doepfer A-100 Modular system.  It looks just a Serge (sort of).

You're welcome. As Juergen is on holliday right now, I guess I have to
take the devil's part and remind you of a few disadvantages.

1) You forgot to add the price for the mounting rack. About 290$.

2) You should at least go for 3 mixer unit's IMHO.
To reduce cost they only applied verry limited input to their modules.
As well as they usually only has one out. Noone with a serious modular
mind can of course even think of living with that. Therefore you severely
need 3 of better mini-mixers. Except that you even need more patching, to
setup an interesting patch several mixers might also be a plus, as other
modulars may have a lot of in/out on the usual points (VCF) but may also
lack them on others. With several mixers you also may want to add
LFO, Kybd tracking, and a S/H to the PWM. etc.
Not really a big disadvantage, but you should keep that in mind.
Add another 100$.

3) you should go for some patchcords as well :-)
No idea how much they are. In the case any of you guys want to arder one,
I may of course phone them an negotioate a bit in german. I think I
can make them give a bunch of cords for free.

> 	I priced up a system for: $1170. U.S.  It includes:
> 	3 VCO's ($100. ea)
> 	1 Wave Shaper ($50.)
>  	1 Divider ($50.)
> 	1 Ring Mod/Inverter ($50.)
> 	1 Mixer 4:1 ($50.)
> 	1 VCF ($80.)
> 	1 VCA linear ($70.)
> 	1 VCA log    ($70.)
> 	1 Clock Divider/Sequencer ($80.)
> 	1 Noise/Random ($50.)
> 	3 LFO's ($50. ea)
> 	2 ADSR ($60. ea.)    
> 	These prices are amazing!  I am curious about the qulaity.  The
> modules appear very flexible and nothing is pre-patched except for power.
> I am really curious, i was going to get a Serge, but if this is reality 
> than my $'s will become DM's (sorry, but I on a budget).

PS: And they already spoke of releasing the "intersting" models later.
In summer they hope to be able to offer also lin or exp. ADRS,
I think they also talked about a different VFC module, and several others.

All in all, I remember them mention all you are used of a real :-) modular.
Except a sequencer of course. I am shure they love their MAQ midi seq and
their Midi to CV couple.

Have fun.

PPSS: I did play with it at the Musikmesse for aprox. 40 min's. I found
the VCO dosn't sounded that lovely as I like my OB8's VCO with a
full opened filter, but that was a VERRY vague impression. It was loud
there and I had a limited amount of time.
the filter itself was ok, but wasn't genius for my ear as well. The self built
filter modules of Juergens system did please me much more on the first
listen as well on the second try.
The selfresonation area of the filter seemd a little straight for me.
I like once more the self res. from either a 303,OB8's 2 pole or my
little moog MG1 much more. I would compare it more to a 101 self res.
Nevertheless not bad at all, but we are talking about the upper 98%
here on AH, don't we.
the last thing to mention is that it has 3,5" patches. 
That's it's big advantage concerning price and it's smallness in a
overloaded rack. The negative points are, that you need the "special"
cords and I would need several adaptors to 6,3mm cords to integrate
it into my setup.


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