Re: [AH] Re: MOTU Volta

From Andreas Wetterberg
Sent Sat, Jan 17th 2009, 10:39

On 17/01/2009, at 7:53 AM, michael barber wrote:
> someone on VSE found a thread from someone who's already done this in
> MaxMSP.  fascinating!
The starter of that thread would be me. Funny how that thread is being 
linked on the Doepfer list AND here all of a sudden - however let me 
stress that I am NOT an "academic", I'm a working audio pro who happens 
to like geeking about with these things ;-)

The MOTU interface I used (828mk1) is PERFECT for these things: Cheap on 
the SecondHand market, sounds "good enough" - I don't think it's the 
best sounding interface in the world, but that's not important for cv out.

I got good tracking of a Doepfer 110 oscillator over more than 5 octaves 
- without external amplification of the signal - what we haven't talked 
about here is that not only does the interface need to be able to output 
DC voltages, it also needs to be LOUD!

Life has sort of gotten in the way of me doing more work on this 
recently, but what with Live8 and MaxforLive coming out I think '09 will 
be fun for the CV heads!

Hopefully I'll have time to make some demo videos of this real soon - 
short story: All the sequencers, ADSRs, LFOs and midi-to-cv I could 
want, at 16bit resolution.... good times!