[AH] FS: Various

From Mattias Möller
Sent Tue, Mar 29th 2005, 11:49

Dear AH:ers,

I need to get rid of some stuff in studio:

Doepfer Regelwerk - Sequencer/Midi fader box with 8 CV/Gate channels.
Price: 350 Euro.

Korg SDD-3000 - Classic delay. I have three of them. :)
Price: 400 Euro.

Roland MC-80EX - Top-of-the-line hardware sequencer with builtin sounds and 
internal ZIP-drive. Excellent condition with manuals and original box.
Price: 580 Euro.

Waldorf Midibay - Midi patchbay with 15 inputs and 15 outputs.
Price: 130 Euro.

Everything is fully working and located in Sweden. Pics are available on 
request. Will ship to most places and I accept wire transfers and PayPal.


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