Re: Moog-Realistic

From lothar
Sent Mon, Oct 14th 1996, 13:38

>  A friend of mine is selling a MOOG REALISTIC for another friend, I need to
>  know what is a good price for one? going rate?...

Price/going rate? No idea, really... I recently bought one in Germany in
very good condition and including a Doepfer 1 channel MIDI->CV interface
for 500 DM (ca. US$ 330), which I found a reasonable price, but in the AH
archives the prices vary from $20 to about $250, but that are US prices,
of course...
>  Is this synth special in any way? 

Well, it does have 2VCOs, which can be synced, one "ring-mod" sound (called
"Belltone") and a Noise generator, which can all be mixed with the built-in
5channel mixer, AND it does additionaly have FULL POLYPHONY, which is routed
through the single filter, but cannot be modified soundwise (and it cannot
be played via the CV interface).

I find it quite nice, but that's a matter of opinion (try looking at the 
AH archives, the full name of the synth is something like "Realistic Synthe-
sizer by Moog Music / Concertmate MG-1").
>  Does it have CV/GATE etc?...

Yes. But no "etc.", just Moog-type CV and Gate (S-Trig.) inputs.
Oh, nearly forgot, and it does have a set of stereo line-inputs (cinch type
sockets, not 1/4"), which are just mixed to the output of the synth, with no
way to change the signal. There is, however, a rather simple-looking mod
somewhere in the archives which allows the input to be routed through the
filter (I didn't try that mod so far, no time... )

That's about all...