Re: [AH] new modulars

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 16th 1970, 01:00

>I've decided that my studio needs a modular synth.  I want a 'new' one
>(where new meants 'not vintage') that's not a kit.
>So those of you who have modulars, do you love 'em?  Do you hate 'em?
>What brand/modules are your favorite?  Which suck?  What kind of sounds
>are you making with them (pop music, experimental, contemporary
>classical, sound FX)? Do you have any for sale? ;)
>Looking for more user reviews than just what I found in the archives.

Modulars rule.

Moog-CE makes genuine 900-series modules, but you'll need to sell
the Buick, as they say. The Moog is the most open-sounding, meaty
modular made. The standard, IMO. The 921 oscillators can be modded
to be as stable and wide-range as you want. 

Technosaurus produces an extremely well-built, great-sounding system
but it's a little thin on features and is as expensive as you'd expect to 
pay for a new, warranted, well-built great-sounding system. Impressive
stuff, and when I'm rich again I'll be adding some to my setup.

Serge gear is the most versatile, feature-laden gear possibly ever
mass-produced (Buchla beats it out in some ways but perhaps not
overall). Extremely stable, but a bit clinical-sounding compared to
the Moog. It's filters aren't as nice as the Moog, but that's not what
this gear excels at. Patch it up, let it run, sample it and assemble
the pieces into extreme IDM. It's also nice melodically (Michael
Stearns' "Chronos" soundtrack).

Modcan: Haven't used it, but hear great things. Standout module:
Analog-controlled digital waveform oscillator.

Wiard: Haven't used it, but the specs are extremely promising.
Looks like it can do a whole lot with just a few modules. They
have an analog-controlled digital oscillator as well. This stuff
is based upon Buchla's best ideas, and then taken further in

Evos: I've been in contact with Dennis, but nothing seems to
be available yet. 

Synthtech's MOTM: Haven't used it. 

Doepfer: Uses some Curtis chips, which don't make me smile.
Look to others for opinions on it. Nice feature set, though.

Concussor/??? (sorry! I forget the other English line that fits
these frames...) You could assemble a great synth using the
three different series of modules produced to fit into the Doepfer

Blacet Research: Well-built, clever gear. I really enjoy it. 

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