[AH] wiring a doepfer system q's

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Sat, Feb 3rd 2007, 20:58

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i'm putting together a doepfer expansion rack...i got most of it together, =
but i'm not 100% sure how to apply ac to the power supply (the psu2, the ne=
wer one)..i see how to hook the buss to the power supply...i'm mounting the=
 power supply to steel rails and will run ground to the rack chassis/earth =
ground/ground the rails to the chassis...basically i just need to know whic=
h pins to put the hot and neutral ac to the doepfer pwoer supply, and i'll =
test the dc power out before plugging in and mods...also, i'm using an in-l=
ine fuse holder, i assume that goes on the ac hot? =0A=0Aanother thing: fro=
m the doepfer site, it's a bit unclear how to plug the mods into the buss..=
they all have the ribbon cable plugged in, where does the red wire go? thin=
king about it now i probably just have to look at the cb of the mod and mat=
ch the singnal...=0A=0A=0Ai'm asking  on AH/Doepfer List  as Analogue Haven=
 is closed until monday and i'm just plugging stuff in at this point, my se=
lf assembled rack case is ready to go...and  i'll hold no one libel if i fu=
ck up (haha)....please feel free to email me directly, i'm on the digest (A=