Re: Serge modular

From Mark Kolmar
Sent Mon, Jul 17th 1995, 22:15

On Mon, 17 Jul 1995 wrote:

> This is what dorpfer is promissing by the beginning of '96:

Now I feel worse.  Same old VCO / VCA / VCF / EG stuff.  So you can choose
among a few different filter characteristics?  Yawn.  But I suppose this
would be a good way to achieve approximately the functionality of several
different analog synths, one at a time, in brand-new gear.  However,
they're going to have to do better than that for me to want to start
tuning oscillators. 

I have some Doepfer info from around May, but I was hoping they'd be
introducing wave multipliers, waveshapers, etc. 

Back to MIDI, samplers, digital FM synths and multiprocessor feedback...

Oh yeah...and a ring mod and partly-built FatMan.