[AH] FS Doepfer modular systems

From Joe Millar
Sent Thu, Oct 30th 2003, 07:12

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Hi Joe here. I'm selling a couple of modular systems ( one I just got from another AH member ) Here's the list...

Doepfer 3U Mini system w/power - 700$us
2x Standard VCO A110 
1x Ring Modulator A114 
1x Noise/Random A118
1x VCF1 A120 (24dB low pass 1) 
1 x logarithmic VCA A131
1 x logarithmi Mixer A138b
1 x ADSR A140
1 x LFO A145
1 x MIDI-to-CV/Gate/Sync Interface A190
Doepfer 3U case/power supply, bus board -525$us
A112 Sampler 
A117 Digital noise 
A132 Dual VCA 
A175 Dual inverter 
Blacet Dark Star Chaos - faceplate trimmed to fit in Doepfer case 

So first system is 700$ second system is 525$... First one is in good condition there is a little wear on the writing, the second system is in fantastic shape...Shipping is extra. Any questions mail me at redacted@example.com thanks in advance...