Re: [AH] synth tour de force/quintessential albums

From Ded Mousie
Sent Mon, Feb 4th 2008, 18:11

Some serious and some not so serious works that seem important, but
that's just my opinion...

Tangerene Dream - "Phaedra"
Not their first, but probably the one that put them on the map. Is this
one of the first recorded examples of the Moog sequencer?

The score for "Forbidden Planet"
I don't think I have to say anything else...

Jan Hammer
Some of the finest Minimoog solos by anyone ever featuring unrivaled
pitch bend technique. "Oh Yeah" and "The First Seven Days" are good for
a start.  "Wired" with Jeff Beck is also lots of fun- my guitar loving
friends go "Listen to Jeff rip on that solo!", and it's Jan playing Mini
instead. (Actually - Mini/Obie SEM combination)

Don Preston
Pick a Mothers of Invention recording - don't have a particular one in
mind. Don did some amazing synth work with Zappa.

Pick one: "Here Come the Warm Jets", "Taking Tiger Mountain", Another
"Green World", or "Before and after Science'. (VCS3 among others if I
remember correctly) If you're in the mood for it, maybe an early Roxy
Music album. Eno is probably also noted for getting more mileage out of
a Yamaha DX7 than anybody else on the planet.

Gino Vanelli = "Gist Of The Gemini"
OK, laugh ... but this is the most amazing Maxikorg stuff you'll hear
anywhere. You never knew the Maxikord could sound so lush (dozens of
overdubs)! Later, they got two PS-3300s and two PS3100s to play
the material live.

Charles Wuorinen - "Time's Enconium"
Pulitzer Prize winning recording using the RCA Mark II
Let's go ahead and include "Philomel" by Milton Babbitt here, since it
uses the Mark II as well.