Re: [AH] System700 help needed

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

>Hmmm.... I didn't know the System 700 was normalled.  Actually, I've never
>used either a System 700 or a 100m.  Are they both normalled?  This seems
>like such a logical way to design a modular, I'm surprised it has not been
>universally adopted...

The 2600 and MS 10 and 20 are normalled, though they aren't true 
The 700 modules have modulation input sliders on the bottom of the 
which are fed by connections on the edge terminals. There are a few 
of the oscillator, whose only difference is the silkscreened name of what 
modulator should appear at these sliders (LFO, Env1, etc.) This was 
done so that the oscillators in different cabinets could take advantage 
of their 
neighboring modules in the standard 700 configuration. 
I don't have the 700 manual right now, but I can tell you that the 24dB 
filter has four input sliders: Oscillators 1, 2, and 3 plus Noise (crap, 
I think it's 
Noise; it might be Ring Mod. The VCA has a Filter and ?? input slider; I 
the ?? is Ring Mod.) The Filter's Noise input slider is normallized with 
interrupting jack. The other sliders don't have input jacks. 
Keyboard is normallized into the oscillators in my cabinet via the 
jack on it's rear. There is a switch on each oscillator to defeat the 

It would be nice if more people had used this method. It makes life 
when you find you're out of patchcords (when aren't you?)
>On another subject, can anyone tell me if there are schematics floating
>around for any of the Buchla 200 series modules?   I've been talking to
>someone recently who'd like to have a go at cloning a few of these.  Any
>help/leads would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, most of them are around. I played with the idea of cloning them, 
but never got around to getting my engineering friends to lay them 
out in PADS to generate new PCB artwork. 
I think there were four oscillator versions, and there were three 
one of which had VC of the stages (I don't have that schematic). There 
two versions of the Source of Uncertainty (265 and 266), but the 266 
the 265's functions and adds a few very interesting new sections-- I  
can't find the schematic for that one. The sequencer would be a nightmare 
unless someone took the time to reduce it's design using modern parts. 

Also, the 100 modules sound better, since they're discrete circuits. 



PS: Tim Smith might have a set of schemos for sale. 406-652-1564


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