Re: Re; Voyetra 8/SSM (was Welcome)

From Mark Pulver
Sent Mon, Feb 12th 1996, 16:42

At 04:55 PM 2/9/96 -0700, Kevin wrote:
>Mark Pulver writes:
>>Peter is literally the only tech in the US that can still fix a Voyetra 8,
>>or even calibrate and tune it. He's also one of only three in the world with
>>that distinction.
>The "only" tech that is one of three? What does THAT mean?

"Only" is defined as only, as in I bought a rev 3 Voyetra 8 almost two years
ago. It had a bad voice and needed an overall calibration (knew that going
into the deal). After getting it home, I started learning a lot first hand
about rev 3 Voyetra 8's. Basically, it was useless in a MIDI setup. I
started calling techs all over the US looking for someone to deal with the
dead voice, calibration, and (as I found out what I really needed) upgrading
the machine to a rev 4.

Basically everyone I talked to said that they could deal with the dead
voice. Half of the techs bailed on doing the calibration (requires a 100mhz
dual trace scope, a custom bus extender card, and decent schematics to find
test points) and *EVERY* tech I talked to pointed *ONLY* to Peter to do the
upgrade. I figured that when I start hearing techs turning down a couple of
hundred bucks in bench money, then I must be on track to getting to *the*
guy to do Voyetra work.

>From what I know, Peter was one of three hardware designers at Voyetra; he
now does factory repair work and large studio installs. Of the other two
guys, one is in Canada and the other in Europe (working for Sony I think).
The Canadian is doing tech work and sees the occasional Voyetra but would
never do something like an upgrade, and the European isn't doing anything at

>Actually JL at Musictek services here in LA does quite well with Voyetra's.

All I know dude is what I hear and what I've learned first hand in the last
three years. When I needed work done on mine basically everyone bailed and
sent me to New York.


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