[AH] Obie Four Voice accident

From Wavecomputer360
Sent Thu, Nov 17th 2005, 00:01

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Gee, Bill,

what actually did you do with your FVS? It needs to be "sterilized"? God =
forbid... or did your cat pee into it? I know about a Polymoog that =
oozes the odor of cat pee when it=B4s been turned on for a while, so... =
nothing to be ashamed of :-). Or was it something else... no, I won=B4t =
quote that line from a Throbbing Gristle song named "Something came over =

Senso says:

Soon available on DVD...
After "Debbie does Doepfer", the new ultimate in synth porn:
" 4-Voice gets an enema "


And Senso, please stop it! I=B4m almost wetting my pants... and I=B4m =
sitting on a flightcased PPG right now. That would be a story.=20


Bill wrote:
I figure this should be okay for washing the 4-voice as long as I follow =
instructions to properly clean and sterilize it.  I don't think this=20
particular one has actually been used on anyone yet, so it should be =


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