Re: [AH] New Modulars

From Matthew Davidson
Sent Mon, Dec 20th 2004, 22:29

On Dec 20, 2004, at 4:16 PM, michael hale wrote:

> You know you've been playing analogue synths for WAY too long when the 
> color or the name become more important than the sound :^)

If were the only manufacturer, would you be so choosy?

We're blessed with options today, folks, and it wasn't like this a few 
years ago.

Happy 2005 to Blacet, Wiard, MOTM,, AS, AS, Doepfer, Paia, 
Modcan, Cynthia, Encore, Oakley, STS, Technosaurus and all the cottage 
industry folks who put their sweat in, not because they want to make a 
buck, but for a love of synths. Speaking for myself, but perhaps 
others, we're an opinionated, sometimes crabby group, but we sincerely 
appreciate your efforts - even those of you with goofy names.