[AH] FT: fully working EMS Synthi AKS - for modular (testing the waters)

From hfinnie
Sent Mon, Jan 22nd 2007, 00:16

Hey everyone,

I have a fully working Synthi AKS with an original copy of the EMS
Synthi educational book and I'm just testing the waters to see what
kind of modular set up someone might be willing to trade for it.

The Synthi is in great condition. It has had the two big PSU
capacitors replaced and the keyboard/sequencer just got looked at by
Robin Wood so it should be good for years to come.

I'm starting to get interested in modular systems. Some things that
might interest me are an ARP2600 with sequencer (plus a little cash
maybe), Roland 100M, or 100, .coms, etc. I've seen synthi's like this
go for up to $6,000. Would two 2600's and a sequencer be unreasonable?

Any help, guidance and offers would be appreciated.