What gives, KRAKHED? (was Re: ai2 formats)

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Sent Thu, Sep 22nd 1994, 03:38

[AI2 in Europe]
>        the following tracks are cdltd only:
>polygon window - my teapot
>kenny larkin - maritime
>scanners (hidden track)
>        and lpltd only is (extra 12"):
>something by kenny larkin (maritime?)
>darrel fitton - metalurg
Since this clearly isn't on the US limited double CD on Wax Trax, I have to
ask why, back in June, redacted@example.com went ballistic when mikebee suggested
that the US issue might be missing tracks:

> for the last time..THE DOMESTIC IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE IMPORT!!(with the
>exception of the metallic gold ink which makes the type too hard to read if
>you ask me).
>I'm really sorry if you guys have bought comps in the past with tracks
>missing on the domestic but that's not the way WAX tRAX does business.to my
>knowledge we (WAX TRAX) have never released a comp or LP without all the
>tracks from the import.I'm kinda pissed off that just cause other domestic
>labels have cut tracks that you would assume that we would.REMEMBER..i'm just
>as into this stuff as you are.

He can't claim that since it isn't on the import CD, it shouldn't be on the
US CD, since "Maritime" isn't on the UK CD, but it's on the US. So I ask,
why was "Metalurg" left off, and why wasn't KRAKHED straight with us about
the fact that it was being left off? I wouldn't be complaining, if not for
the fact that I was led to believe that I was getting everything, by somone
indignant about it.


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