Re: [AH] Frostwave SSM ???

From prototek
Sent Wed, Jun 20th 2007, 06:31 has a PCB for a LP VCF lifted right out of the app
notes of the SSM 2040. Of course you need to source the chip if you want it
to work! Here's the link:

    The rational way would probably be to just get the MOTM clone. The
emulator archive stuff looks very cool though.


On 6/19/07 9:46 PM, "dj hohum" <> wrote:

> While the debate for the most glorious filter rages on, it's pretty
> well accepted that the 2040 and the 2044 do NOT sound the same.
> The original emulator used the 2044, the emulator II used the 2045. As
> has already been pointed out, the Deopfer 105 is a 2044 in a module.
> The 2045 is a VCF/VCA combo chip similar to the CEM 3372. It might be
> the 2044 + 2 vcas, or, something else, perhaps Paul S. knows the
> details of the internals.
> I'm also fairly sure that the MOTM is a discrete design and does not
> use the 2040 VCF.  I believe J=FCrgen Haible has a discrete clone design
> on his website and you can also see another design based on this on
> Rene Schmitz's site.
> If you want a REAL 2040 filter then you can get one if you find the
> right octave cat. Since it has an external filter input and, I
> believe, CV input for the filter, you can use it fairly easily.
> So, in summary, 2044, easy and cheap to get. Real 2040, expensive and
> hard to get, clone 2040, expensive and easy to get.
> Hope that helps.
> On 6/19/07, Matthew Davidson <> wrote:
>> On Jun 19, 2007, at 8:58 PM, ... snafu ... wrote:
>>> is there a box out there, that recaptures the sound of the SSM
>>> filters like they were built in to the emulator2 and others?
>> Doepfer A-105