[AH] give me a break

From darkstr1746
Sent Thu, Aug 12th 2004, 19:48

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This thread is still going on?? this has been beat to death and has been answered succinctly by myself and Peter and Les. Yes, long waits, in spite of promises, are a real pi**er... and for the second time, i waited a year and a half for my last order. If your in a professional, time sensitive situation, order from Doepfer or AS. Otherwise, if your in a hurry, get a iron and do it yourself. LOL . But please, work it out with the manufacturer and don't clog up the list with this. Everyone here is aware of this issue.... act, or order accordingly. I have a project in the works with Peter and a possible one pending and from day one, we don't even talk about "time factor". It's ludicrous to do so. That said, if you were promised something and then kept getting put off to the point that it spanned a years time or more, you have the right to get upset.... po'd even. Call them up and rant all you want.... i did. And yes, i did take it to the "specific list" but not as a direct attack, more of an offhand comment on the competence of an assemnbler...... and i only did it once.It became clear that beating it to death would do no good. So get on the phone and scream if that's what's required but before hand take to heart Peters sage advice. 
with all do sympathy for customers and manufacturers alike.
john duval