AW: CV-to-MIDI, anyone?

From Haible_Juergen#Tel2743
Sent Fri, Aug 25th 1995, 18:29

>However, I want to expand its potential by including it with my MIDI-
>setup, and not only use it with my MS-20. But where on earth can I
>get hold of a (cheap) CV-to-MIDI converter. Basically, all I need is
>to CV-ins, and something that converts the CV-input into a MIDI-
>controller output (for example, controller #1 and #2).

Doepfer has a little device called Midi Volume Pedal.
This is a slight understatement, cause it can adress a couple
of other controllers than volume as well, and it is not restricted to
a pedal as an input. In fact, it just converts a single CV to
a single controller. Costs far less than DM 200,- as far
as I remember. Malte might know the details. (?)