Re: [AH] analog modular w/ d-g-t-l CV's

From Matthew Davidson
Sent Fri, Jul 25th 2008, 22:05

On Jul 25, 2008, at 3:46 PM, Guy D2 wrote:

> Is there a particular reason why the current crop of modulars is not  
> using digitally generated CV's for control modules like LFO's, EG's,  
> S/H's and similar ?

There are plenty of hybrid designs if you look around.

The Doepfer MCV24 has software ADSRs and LFOs that can be output as CV

The Buchla 200e is an extreme hybrid approach, freely converting  
analog to digital and back again. The elements exposed to the user is  
primarily analog (patch cords and such).

mfb has some designs like the osc-01 that are digital inside, but use  
analog CV interfacing

The Blacet/Wiard Miniwave is mostly digital inside, with analog CV  

Plan B is producing some hybrid modules.

The AS RS370 polyphonic osc is mainly digital, but with CV interfacing

Simple circuits like LFOs and S&H's are possibly easier/still cost  
effective to remain analog as a primary module. I haven't fallen in  
love with a digital envelope, ever, personally. This is something that  
is just more effective as analog for short transients.

But, I do see hybrid designs as a solid future direction for modulars.  
I wouldn't mind seeing a digital module for generic slow control  
voltages, like LFOs and S&H CVs, etc.. You might be able to pack eight  
outputs of programmable voltage thingies in a cost-effective unit. It  
might also be easier to create an complex arbitrary break point  
function in the digital domain.