Re: [AH] Re: Technosaurus Selector Modular

From Kurt Dwight Bleach
Sent Thu, Jan 7th 1999, 01:40

John Greczula wrote:

> I said it was warranted in MY opinion. I used to make music but I don't
> anymore because I got an opportunity to start distributing music products.
> It's really hard to maintain the desire to bring (again in MY opinion), cool
> European analogue products from small companies into North America when you
> guys jump on people like me if I say something that I distribute is good. Did
> it ever occur to you that I might sell products that I think are good?
> The same thing happened with Novation. It's like I'm evil because I retail or
> distribute products. What am I supposed to do, get online and say the Selector
> is half-ass but everyone should still buy it?
> I stand behind my fondness of the product, and that's why I have chosen to
> offer it in North America.

I'm a Doepfer modular owner and am VERY fond of their products. That being said,
I applaud ANY attempt to make true analogue gear -- and especially modular --
available in North America. And I don't mind the "sales pitch" at all (actually,
I didn't even think it was that salesy). I think it's fantastic if somebody's
enthusiastic about this kind of niche product that they're selling. I mean, get
real -- it's not like there's any way in hell he's going to get rich selling
anything as esoteric as an analogue modular gear these days, so if he wasn't
really into it, why would he bother?


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