Re: [AH] some Arp 2500 pics :)

From _ah
Sent Thu, Dec 4th 2003, 03:30

matrix writes:
 > What about the modules themselves rather than placement?  I mean what makes
 > a 2500 a 2500?  What about Moog and Roland?  I always thought a particular
 > model number would consist of the same modules.  Just curious.  :)

As I mentioned, there were some standard configs but they were always
customizeable.  The cabinet and the module series makes a 2500 a
2500.  All of the 2500 modules have model numbers in the 10xx range.

Moog modulars were similar.  There were standard configs like the
System I, System II, and System III that became the Ic, IIc, and IIIc
but they all could be ordered custom.  Moving around modules in a Moog
cabinet is a bit tougher since the module widths are not all the same
and the CV routings were wired to specific locations.  Changing the
wiring harness in a Moog cabinet is not a trivial operation!

The Roland System 700 (unlike the 100m) was probably the most
"standardized" modular synth.  There were standard "blocks" that were
most often sold although they could be customized as well.  There is
normalization in the main cabinet (Block A) that I think that works
with particular modules but you could substitue other modules but not
gain the same normalization.

I hope that helps.